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How to change bitcoins to cash

You should know that some wallets do not give the option to enter a certain value and what they offer are margins, in this case we recommend setting it to ‘High priority’ or a similar option.

STEP 1: Register on the web

To operate on a cryptocurrency buying and selling platform that complies with current regulations and is committed to the safety of its users, the first thing that is needed is a registration process. Bit2Me is no exception and has a simple registration process but in accordance with the guidelines required by existing legislation.

  1. Enter our data: Name and surname, email, password and your mobile number
  2. Complete the KYC: This process is the acronym in English for ‘Know Your Customer’, in Spanish: ‘Meet your customer’. The nature of these digital services require the registration of several elements that verify the identity of the people who use them.
  3. Privacy but not anonymity: Bit2me guarantees the privacy and confidentiality of the data, but Spanish legislation prevents anonymity to avoid money laundering and other illegal activities
  4. Terms and conditions of use: It is simply required that the user be 18 years or older and have a DNI, passport or residence card in Spain (or the European Economic Union) and be in force

STEP 2: Process of changing Bitcoin to Euros

The change process in Bit2Me consists of three acts:

1. Open a bitcoin sale transaction in Bit2Me
2. Send the bitcoins to the address provided by Bit2Me
3. Withdraw cash at an ATM with the keys received

Act 1: Open a sale operation in Bit2Me

  1. We log in with our account
  2. Click on the option to sell

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